Did you know that there are different 'AT' symbols?

I saw some exceptions due to a file using U+FF20 (FULLWIDTH COMMERCIAL AT) rather than U+0040 (COMMERCIAL AT).

This gives @ rather than @. Failed to encode the character '@' (U+FF20)

You learn something new every day :(
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Essentially existential

Working on an Intel AMT asset object database. In my class schema I am adding elements and working out the one-to-many mappings.
Machines have processors and disks but do they have memories?

Ubichi... I choose you...

I have been reading a collection of papers regarding HCI and visual design. One used the term 'ubichi' extensively for ubiquitous computer human interaction. It is my favourite word of the day and I really need to find a context to use it in.
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Java AMT HTTP Object Traverser...

We are experimenting with Intel AMT for asset tracking. I started writing the code and was trying to think what to call it. jAMT seemed a good start but was lacking something. So current test program output looks like...

jAMhoT : status of Intel AMT capable computers

"tank fly boss walk java nitty gritty you're running the code from the big bad city, this is jAMhoT, this is jAMhoT"

SOAP : JAX-WS RI Stub for http://[obscured]:16992/
System power state = 0